Easy to Install Outdoor Kitchen Kits: An Appetizing Investment

Easy to Install Outdoor Kitchen Kits: An Appetizing Investment

From summer barbeques to football watch parties and everything in between, there is a year-round allure to cooking outside. But the thought of setting up an outdoor kitchen can be daunting, right? Not anymore! With Uniframe Systems, you can effortlessly create your dream outdoor kitchen without the need for cutting, welding or professional help. In this blog post, we'll explore why our easy to install outdoor kitchen frame kits are an appetizing investment for your home.

Why Choose Uniframe Systems?

Superior Materials

One of the standout features of our outdoor kitchen frame kits is the use of G90 galvanized steel. This premium material ensures that your outdoor kitchen will withstand the test of time. G90 galvanized steel is also corrosion resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use, even in extreme New England weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

No Cutting Required

Our easy to install outdoor kitchen kits require no cutting. This out-of-the-box approach ensures consistent results while also saving you significant time and expense.  

User-Friendly Assembly

Designed with simplicity in mind, our outdoor kitchen frame kits come complete with intuitive instructions and all the necessary components for assembly. Our patented channel technology makes fitting all of your outdoor appliances quick and easy.

Customize Your Outdoor Kitchen

The first step in creating your outdoor kitchen is selecting a frame style. From the elegant and compact Brookline model to the sprawling Mashpee corner-style system with extended counter space, you are sure to find the ideal frame in our comprehensive inventory of easy to install outdoor kitchen kits. You can further personalize your culinary space by selecting grills, burners, smokers, fridges and other accessories that suit your specific application and aesthetic taste.


Our backyard kitchen frames are much more affordable than buying individual pieces separately. Opting for a prebuilt frame for your outdoor kitchen, opposed to hiring contractors to construct one from scratch, dramatically reduces your project costs, without impacting the boost in property value it will deliver.

Our Mission

Before Uniframe Systems, building a custom outdoor kitchen was a pain point for contractors, developers and homeowners alike. Our commercial-grade, fully-adjustable steel framing systems have made high-quality backyard kitchens more accessible, less labor intensive and longer lasting.

At Uniframe Systems, we offer an unbeatable combination of high-quality materials, innovative design and user-friendly assembly. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a novice DIY homeowner, we empower you to upgrade your property with easy to install outdoor kitchen kits. So why wait? Reach out to our team today.

Contact us to order at (844) 883-3330 or explore our range of products right here on our website.