About Us

Our Story

Uniframe Systems was founded by a team of welders, craftsman, and engineers with a single objective: to offer a fully-adjustable and modular outdoor framing system. A frame system that allows anyone, from professionals to DIYers, the ability to create their own custom outdoor kitchen. All Uniframe System units are designed, engineered, and produced in Avon, MA, USA.

Our story started years ago when a contractor approached our founders, the owners of New England Welding, with a challenge. Could they come up with a modular, fully-adjustable framing unit to quickly lay out an outdoor kitchen, a framing system that can fit any outdoor appliance? They were up for the challenge. With a combined 100 years in the trade, they designed and developed a system that aligned with their core values of quality, integrity, and innovation.

Sal Bova

Eric Chuckran

Ken McIntire

Our Mission

Every challenge begs for a solution. Ours was to create a commercial-grade, fully-adjustable framing system that saves time and provides value for all. The expensive nature of building a custom outdoor kitchen has long been a pain point for contractors, developers, and homeowners alike. The attainability that Uniframe Systems offers is undeniable.